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Hello Everyone!

We're a pair of twin brothers that are first generation Cambodian-Americans who were born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Growing up on Beacon Hill, we've always cherished being outside. We would be skateboarding, playing basketball, riding bikes with our childhood friends and neighbors. During the summers, we were always on family camping trips where we would go fishing. These moments made us appreciate our neighborhood and cherished it even more. As time went by, we've always wanted to start our own business/company. We didn't know what it would be, it just had to be something we loved. This is how Beacon Bags were born. Beacon Bags is about everything we've ever loved growing up. Beacon Bags are handmade by us on Beacon Hill. We make our products with the intention to inspire people to be outside more and to learn more about themselves so they can inspire others. 


The Twin Dragons


- A source of guidance or inspiration
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